Compare And Choose The Right Disposal Units

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Waste management is necessary, whether it is industrial waste or household waste. The activity involves plenty of steps from inception to final disposal. The modern people are equipped with various waste management services and garbage disposal units. The device that helps the homeowners to dispose of their garbage with ease is a waste disposal unit. Below are the primary features of the device:

  • Main types- Batch feed and Continuous Feed garbage disposal
  • Installed usually under a kitchen sink
  • Works on electricity
  • The unit breaks the food waste into small pieces
  • Small pieces of less than 2mm pass easily through the drain
  • The waste disposal increases organic carbon load, positive environmental impact
  • Consists of Torque and electric motor

The popularity of the units is increasing and many households have adopted and installed it in their homes. The functioning of the units differs according to the device one has installed in their homes. Read further the primary features of the various disposals and you will get a rough idea on which one to use in your household. Wherever you go, you will find continuous feed or batch feed garbage disposal.

dispose-off the waste food materials

Let’s Know How They Work

There are individual benefits and usage of every device and similarly, the garbage unit has different productive advantages for the users. Both of them work on electric circuits and the final result is to dispose-off the waste food materials.

There are basic differences in the models like prices, running time and safety. The sale and safety of both the types are extremely good but your choice depends upon your requirements. Let’s compare continuous feed vs batch feed:

Running Time

Batch feed unit as the name suggests grinds the food particles when the system is switched on. It usually takes longer in operation when compared to the continuous unit that runs all the time from the moment it is switched on.



When it comes to affordability comparison between batch feed vs continuous feed garbage disposal; the continuous unit is more affordable. The availability also is comparatively higher in the market.


In general, both the devices are safe as they are appropriately tested and marketed. Batch feed units are comparatively safer in operation.

The user is free to choose from the types of garbage disposals available according to their personal requirements. There are various video demonstrations available online that assist the customers in visualizing the working of the disposal units.